A legend is reborn

Warrior Collection 2024

Safest Speargun
B120 and B130

Blue Water Hunter

Accuracy, Power, Balance

Captain Kale Afong

"Da baga mean! / it is awesome!"

Captain Kale, known as "Hawaii's Only" Chef, Caterer, and business owner, has been diving around the islands with the R95. After these dive events, he prepares his meals.

He admires the trigger's appearance, describing it as a piece of art in the ocean.


Live Events for Dive Enthusiasts

This is a special opportunity to learn about our spearguns and participate in our complimentary dive safety classes, focusing on spearfishing safety and line diving. We take pride in offering these safety dive classes.

Bocho Kaneao

"Hawaiian Hunter"

Meet our young leader, armed with an R95 and A110 Warrior Series. His remarkable diving and hunting skills both on land and at sea never cease to amaze us.

Follow him on Insta to see why he says, "It's my favorite go-to gun!"


"Sensei Gersaba"

Marc Gersaba

Business owner Marc Gersaba has a commercial and home painting business.

He received his first R95 gun from his brother as a gift and today he owns a B12 0bluewater series as he only needed to change the tube. He enjoys the challenge of the difficult "Mu" hunting while using a R95 and is head hunting for a new personal best in bluewater with the B120.


"Master Chef Blu"


Brother Blu rolling with the 110cm roller gun with fantastic results!

Can't ask for anything better than a good dive with lots of Poke and fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Brother Blu is a master chef and if you ever invited to his table you going to enjoy it! Da Grinz


"Safe Diver"

"Dive safe and have fun"

Enjoying the dive life with family and great friends. First one in, last one out.

Keoki Ching

Safety Design

* Open trigger for safety check before loading bands

* Overlock trigger system for safest results

* Smooth spear locking entry

* Roller Option or Standard

* Perfect accuracy, balance, power


* Open Trigger for safety check

* Switch to roller or standard

* Agile rear to mid-handle positions

* Aiming sights built-in

* Deep track spear guide

* Tribal Hammerhead, Tiki, Eel


Save money by changing barrels

R95 - Reef Warrior

A110 - All Around

B120 - Blue Water Hunter I

B130 - Blue Water Hunter II

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