2022 Feb 27 Closed

Free Classes
Adults and Kids
2022 Feb 27
9:00 to 4:00PM
Magic Island, Alamoana Beach Park
(Look for dive flags)

This is a beginners introduction to free dive safety and spearfishing safety. Bring ALL your dive gear!

Day 1 - Safety and Breath-hold techniques

Day 2 - Dive Technique and partner recovery

Course is a free community service to prevent "shallow water blackout" worldwide.

Please join us to learn simple techniques to stay safe and have fun.

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  • Safe Diver Keoki

    Great class at Magic Island with 9 adults and 1 teenager. Always heart wrenching to see how much weights are on these dive belts! We reduced an average of about 5lbs per person. Keep in mind it is dive technique not weights that will help you dive deeper and longer. Mahalo to everyone who participated, Keoki

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