No tinted masks!


Tinted Mask

Warning do not buy tinted masks for free diving and spearfishing!

From our safety class in February 2022

Tinted dive masks do not allow your partner to see your eyes during the accent and recovery at the surface. Such dive masks are unsafe and should not be used. The manufacturers talk about attracting more fish and the fish not seeing your eyes but believe me the fish understands why you are there 😂

When recovering your partner from a short or deep dive, we normally ask for an OK signal from our partner and wait at least 30 seconds on the surface before leaving them alone.

Critical Blackout Zones

1. Ten feet before the surface (10 feet)

2. Thirty seconds after surfacing from a dive (30 seconds)

3. Stay close to your partner in case he does blackout

Join us for a safety class on free diving and spearfishing as a community service we provide the classes for free.

All information is provided as entertainment only, use it at your own risk.

Dive safe and have fun 🤙

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