Weight Belt Positioning

Warining! Do not purchase this belt!Ā 

Here are the key takeaways from our free dive class:

1. We advise against using this belt for freediving or spearfishing because it's difficult to release in an emergency.

2. The belt is positioned too high, which hinders breathing from the diaphragm. It should be moved lower to the hips or hip bones.

3. For optimal breath-holding, the belt should be worn on the hips. While it may feel strange initially, using a rubber belt with a metal clasp (not plastic) is recommended. Although it may slide, proper pressure and adjustments will keep it in place.

4. The belt's length should not exceed 10cm or 4 inches past the buckle. Having it too long can pose problems during an emergency release.

If you own this belt, we strongly advise replacing it. It's too risky to remove during a pre-hypoxic state. Your safety is invaluable ā€“ don't compromise it for the sake of saving a few dollars!

Dive safe and have fun šŸ¤™


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