Weight Belt Positioning

Warining! Do not purchase this belt! 

Results from our free dive class.
1. We don't recommend this belt for freediving or spearfishing as it is harder to ditch in an emergency.
2. Position of this belt is much too high as it is interfering with breathing from Diaphragm. Must move it to the hips or hip bones.
3. Belt should be on your hips. It feels awkward at first but you will see improvements on your breath-hold. The best belt to use is rubber with a metal clasp, not plastic. It will slide, but with the right pressure and some adjustments, it will stay.
4. Length of the belt should not pass the buckle beyond 10cm or 4 inches. Having it too long during a ditch may cause your problems during an emergency.

If you got this belt, get rid of it and forget it. It is too dangerous during a pre-hypoxic state to remove. Your life is worth more than 30-40 dollars! 

All information is provided as entertainment only, use it at your own risk.

Dive safe and have fun 🤙


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